About Gatebox Video

カテゴリ:Upgrade Program users

●What is Gatebox Video?

  • Gatebox for Creators

    • Gatebox Video is a pre-installed app that allows you to enjoy videos on your Gatebox.
      It is a service that allows you to casually meet likable characters in videos made by all kinds of video creators.
      Of course, you can also be active as a video creator, or you can keep them for yourself.

●How to enjoy Gatebox Video

  • Channel

    • We have established the official Gatebox channel with special Vtubers and other virtual performers! You can enjoy exclusive content that you can only experience with your Gatebox.
      You can enjoy exclusive content from the official Gatebox Video channel as well as creators you follow on your Gatebox.

  • Upload

    • If you upload your character video, you can play it with your Gatebox.
      You can also adjust the color of the stage.
      * You cannot communicate with the video by voice.

  • Share

    • If you decide to publish the video data of your work, other users can enjoy it on their Gatebox.
      Let’s see how far we can express ourselves with this new tool.

  • How to watch videos

    • On the following Gatebox Video Web site, you can get a QR code for playback of videos published on the channel or by individual users.

What you can do on the Gatebox Video Website

  • The Gatebox Video Website has the following features
    ・ Register official channel
    ・ Check new videos
    ・ Check the playback ranking
    ・ Upload video
    ・ Public / Private setting of uploaded videos
    ・ Edit information of uploaded videos (title, description, LED color)
    ・ Delete uploaded videos

  • Precautions

    • Be sure to sign in to the “Gatebox Video Website” with the same account that you used to sign in to the “Gatebox Device Management System.”

      * If you do not sign in with the same account, you will not be able to play videos.

      To view paid content on the official channel, you need a saved credit card and to register the official channel

      Please upload videos from your PC

●About video playback

  • How to playback videos

Playing a video with Gatebox Video can be broken down into two steps


■ Start the “Gatebox Video” app from the Device Management System

* Perform the following operations on your smartphone while your Gatebox is running.

  1. Sign in to your Gatebox Device Management System

  2. Select your registered Gatebox to display the 「Setting your Gatebox」 screen

  3. Select 「Set application」

  4. Once you select “Gatebox Video,” the application on your Gatebox device will change, and it will start playing a random video.


■ Access the Gatebox Video website and obtain a QR code for video playback

1.Select “Gatebox Video” from the upper right menu of the Device Management System, same as above, and proceed to the Gatebox Video Website

2.Please check our "Privacy Policy" and "Terms of Service," and if you agree to them press the 「同意する」 button

3.Select the video you want to play from 「公式チャンネル」, 「新着動画」, or 「ランキング」 on the Gatebox Video Website

4.Please hold the displayed QR code up towards your Gatebox device.

5.Please hold the displayed QR code up towards your Gatebox device.

If a video is playing, press and hold the Gate button to activate the camera.

  • Operation during video playback

    • Various operations can be performed during video playback by using the “Gate button” on your device.

      • Single tap
        Pause / resume video

      • Double tap
        Rewind for about 5 seconds

      • Press and hold
        Return to the QR code reading screen

●Uploading videos

  • How to upload videos

 * Please perform the following operation on your PC

1.Select 「マイメニュー」 on the Gatebox Video Website

2.Select 「動画アップロード」 from “My Menu”

3.After carefully checking the various rules and precautions described in the video upload menu, select the 「選択したファイルをアップロードする」 button

* Uploading may take some time, depending on the size of the video. Please wait without operating your device until the upload is completed.

4.The upload is complete when 「アップロードした動画一覧」 is displayed.

About the video publishing feature

  • "Publishing a video" means making the video uploaded to the Gatebox Video website available to anyone (only users who own a Gatebox can play it).

    By making the video public, it will be displayed in the "New Arrivals" list, and regular Gatebox users will be able to get the QR code and watch the video.
    * It is also possible to set the video to private at any time
    * Please be aware that if we determine that a published video violates our Terms of Service, we will delete the video.

How to publish uploaded videos

  • Select the 「動画を公開する」 button for the video you want to publish from 「アップロードした動画一覧」 in “My Menu”

    * You can always return the video to private by selecting the 「動画を非公開にする」 button

How to edit information of uploaded videos

  • Select 「編集メニューを開く」 from 「アップロードした動画一覧」 in “My Menu”

You can edit the following information in the edit menu.

  • Video title

  • Video description

Gatebox LED color during video playback

Looped playback of uploaded videos

  • When you start Gatebox Video, it automatically starts playing the most recently uploaded video from the videos you have uploaded.
    During this automatic playback, the video is played in a loop. To enter the QR code reading screen, you need to hold down the Gate button.

●The official channel

  • Official channel registration

    • The official channel is a service that distributes premium videos, unlike the videos released for free. To register for the official channel, you must have a credit card saved.

    • Accepted credit cards: Visa、Master Card、AmericanExpress


  • Is there a video search function?

    • There is no video search function on the Gatebox Video Website

  • Is there a way to watch the videos without a Gatebox?

    • There is no way to watch the public videos outside of a Gatebox

  • Can I fast forward videos?

    • No fast forward function