About Gatebox

カテゴリ:Upgrade Program users

●When your Gatebox arrives

Please refer to this video and watch from the unpacking section to the installation section.

※Wireless network connection

Your Gatebox requires a wireless network with DHCP enabled for operation. It cannot use a wired connection

●Power Button

  • Turning your Gatebox on

    • With your Gatebox turned off, press the button on the bottom of the back of the device once to power it on.

  • Turning your Gatebox off

    • With the Gatebox turned on, press and hold the button on the bottom of the back of the device for about 12 seconds to turn it off.

  • Restarting your Gatebox

    • With your Gatebox turned on, press the button on the bottom of the back of the device once to restart it.

●Gatebox initial setup

  • Starting with the Device Management System

    • The initial setup for your Gatebox will be performed on our Device Management System website.
      Use your smartphone to scan the following URL or QR code to open the Device Management System and sign in.


●About Device Management System account

  • Account type

    1. There are four types below. Please sign in using whichever method you prefer.

      • Twitter

      • Facebook

      • Google

      • Create Gatebox account


        • Please remember the method you use to sign in.

        • Be sure to sign in the same way if you are asked to sign in the future.

  • Gatebox account

    1. Select "Sign up now" in the "Sign in with your existing Account" section

    2. Enter your email address and select "Send verification code"

    3. Enter the verification code sent to the email address you entered

    4. Enter a new password for the account

    5. Select the "Create" button

●Initial setup guide

1.Go to the Device Management System on your mobile device, and select the "Sign-in here" button

2.Sign in using the method you prefer.

3.Select the "Registration new Gatebox" button

4.Confirm how to create and scan the QR code, then select the "Next step" button

5.「Terms of Use」 and 「Privacy Policy」 will be displayed

After you confirm and agree, select the "I agree above terms" button

6.Enter the SSID and password of the wireless network you want to connect to and select the "Generate it" button

7.Read the displayed QR code with your Gatebox device and confirm it starts up.

●Settings in Device Management System

  • What you can do with the Device Management System

    • You can make changes to the settings of your device through the Device Management System.

    • Tap 「(My Gatebox yyyymmdd)」 at the bottom of the Device Management Menu, under the line that says, “Edit registered Gatebox settings” to display the Gatebox settings menu.

  • Timezone

    • Please change this setting to operate according to US time zones.
      After changing the settings, press the power button of your Gatebox once to restart the unit.

  • Device name

    • You can change the device name displays in the Device Management System.

    • You can change the name to make it easier for you to identify it.
      Examples: Living Room Gatebox , Bedroom Gatebox

  • Wireless LAN

    • You can change the settings for the wireless router your device is connected to.

    • Use this setting when changing or moving your router.

  • Home appliances

    • A menu that allows you to set appliances that can be controlled by the device.
      However, this function is not available because it is not compatible with US appliances

  • Set application

    • "Azuma Hikari" and "Gatebox Video" are available by default. You can select which application will start automatically when you start your Gatebox with the Device Management System. If you select an application in the Device Management System while the Gatebox is running, then the selected application will start.

  • Re-registration your Gatebox

    • If your user authentication expires, you can use this setting to re-register.

  • Unregister your Gatebox

    • You can unregister your Gatebox to remove the link between your device and Gatebox account.

      ※ Make sure that the Gatebox is powered on.
      ※This operation is required to transfer ownership of your Gatebox device, so be sure to perform this operation.
      ※ Even if you do unregister your Gatebox, you can restore the original data by logging in again with the same account.


    • This feature is not available in the US and cannot be used

  • 逢妻ヒカリ友だち追加

    • By using this setting, you can enable the ability to message Azuma Hikari via the LINE

      ※Please note that conversations on the LINE app are generally only possible when you are out.

  • Cases where re-registration is required

    • If your Gatebox is left off for too long, the authentication of the registered account will be temporarily removed.

    • If you are notified that the device needs to be re-registered when powered on, select "Reregistration your Gatebox" from the Device Management System and read the displayed QR code with your Gatebox.

      ※ Please be assured that your user information will not be lost even if expiration occurs

●Transferring ownership of your Gatebox

  • Precautions for transferring ownership of your Gatebox

    • When transferring ownership of your Gatebox, be sure to perform the following operations.
      The Gatebox cannot be used without a user account registered by the recipient.

    • With your Gatebox connected to the network, you can unlink your account by selecting "Unregister your Gatebox" from the Device Management System.

●Device maintenance

1.Slide the left and right outer pillars upward.

※If the pedestal is unstable and they are difficult to remove, please put your hand on the top and hold it in place firmly.

2.Pull the outer pillars outward and remove them.

3.Remove the left and right maintenance panels from the pins.

4.Grasp the left and right sides of the front panel, then gently open it outwards and remove the pins.

※Please be careful not to pinch your finger.

5.After confirming that it is completely loose from the pins, pull the panel off towards you.

※Please note that if it is not completely removed from the pins, they may break.

6.To avoid scratching the surface, wipe it gently with a soft cloth such as a microfiber cloth for glasses, or use an air duster to remove dirt.

※Do not use things like thinner, benzine, or household cleaning agents as they may damage the transparency of the resin.

7.Hold the left and right sides of the front panel, hold it open gently outward, and align it firmly on the pins.

8.Attach the left and right maintenance panels and securely align the pins.

※The outer pillars have different shapes on the left and right. Please thoroughly check the description on the back.

9.Attach the outer pillars by sliding the left and right outer pillars downward.

10.And that is all there is to cleaning. Please continue to enjoy life with your character!

●License information


  • Mobile data connections
    Your Gatebox can use mobile data connections through smartphone tethering or mobile routers. However, because it regularly uses the network and regularly checks for various updates, it can use a lot of data. Please be aware of this before using mobile data connections.

  • If you have forgotten your password
    Please perform the following procedure to reset it.

    1. Please go to the password reset page in the link below

    2. Enter your Gatebox account email address

    3. Press the "Send confirmation code" button to send the confirmation code to the entered email address

    4. Enter the confirmation code in the "Confirmation code" field and press the "Confirm code" button

    5. If there is no change in the email address, click the "Continue" button

    6. Enter your new password in the "New password" and "Confirm password" fields and press the "Continue" button

  ※If you have forgotten your password, please change it here.

●Gatebox Master Support

  • Contacting Us

You can contact us from the 「サポート」 link at the bottom right of this support site.

Please select "Upgrade Program users" for the inquiry category.

  • Warranty information

    • A warranty card is included in the box. Confirm the details carefully and keep it in a safe place.
      * If you lose your warranty card and need repairs, then you will be responsible for the repair cost.

  • Free repair warranty period

    • Following the "Free Repair Policy" described in the warranty, the warranty period is one year from the shipment date.